Road Law

Road Law, What You Need To Know

Laws for being on the road or highway have been with us for many years. Users of the roads are expected to follow these rules and regulations that are mostly centred upon motorists and cyclists.The 1968 Vienna Convention of Road Traffic agreement laid down by the UN covers the basic rules for international use of roads by motorists and cyclists and in conjunction with them pedestrians. This agreement covers the interaction between these categories of road users.Local variations can be found in some countries as not all adhere to this UN agreement. These countries can be found scattered throughout the UN and there has been, over the years, a set of unwritten rules that are understood by drivers universally.It is fairly obvious that the general rules are that motorists do not collide with each other, a cyclist or any pedestrians or cause a problem to other road users by reckless driving that could harm any other road users.No only are the written and unwritten laws to be followed but traffic signs and traffic lights must be obeyed. Police officers can also give instructions as part of their job on an as and when requirement. They may be in control at failed traffic lights or at a busy pedestrian crossing. You may also see police officers in control of the traffic around an accident or when road works are causing a problem with the traffic.It is unfortunately a fact of life that these laws get broken. If you have fallen foul of the law by not conforming with the road regulations in what you would consider to be a minor offence, travelling over the indicated speed limit, or an accident involving another car then you need to seek the help of an experienced professional who is well versed in working with the road traffic laws to look after your interests.At this time you will need the help, guidance and advice of an experienced solicitor who specialises in the laws of the road. This solicitor will work on your behalf to provide the best solution that is available to you.There are specialist legal firms that concentrate solely on regulations and road law so it is advisable to use their expertise, to have experience such as this will be invaluable, it will be preferable than using a solicitor who is handling all types of business and not specialising in a certain area.