Fielding Law, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Like all drivers, motorcyclists are governed by municipal and state traffic laws. In the state of Texas, compliance with these laws and regulations is required to be able to travel on its roads to avoid accidents, since these are very concurrent by a variety of vehicles.

If these rules are breached by a negligent driver and as a result of that, an accident occurs in which the victim is a motorcyclist. He has the opportunity to plead for compensation to cover the expenses caused by the accident. Being this type of cases a bit complicated, the help of a lawyer is necessary. Fortunately, the citizens in Texas have the expert law firm in these cases, Fielding Law, which they can contact through a contact form on the following page:

Laws governing motorcyclists in Texas

Every motorcycle rider has the duty to learn and obey every law that apply in Texas and every municipal law while riding inside the state. Disobeying the law and consequently causing a motorcycle accident could hold you liable for injury and property damage. Obeying the law will keep motorcyclist safe, even avoiding any liability against them in an accident. Some important laws to consider are:

  • Motorcycle riders must have a valid Texas motorcycle or class M type of license. Including passing a written and a road test.
  • Motorcycle must have all the necessary equipment to be able to travel on the streets.
  • In Texas, every motorcyclist is in the obligation to use the motorcycle helmet. Unless the motorcyclist have more than 21 years old and count with a complete training course or more than $10.000 in medical insurance.

Motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on Texas roads as any other type of vehicle. They must follow the same direction as the traffic and cannot travel alongside a vehicle. But they can ride side by side with another motorcycle. For more information on motorcycle laws, contact a Fielding Lawyer motorcycle attorney.

Some legal issues and settlement factors in these type of accidents

Every claim of these type of accidents are different. Yet, there are common liability issues that appear after these types of accidents. Motorcycle accidents often involve failure on both sides or the complete fault of the motorcyclist. If the motorcycle rider is found to be speeding or engaging in other practices that violate the law. They could face a comparison of fault and part of the liability.

In Texas, comparative laws allow the parties injured in the accident, to claim for a compensation as long as they are less than 50% at fault for the accident. Biases against these type of drivers at insurance companies and within the court system can make it difficult for these injured victims to obtain fair and equitable compensation. Insurance companies will try to offer an unfair amount as compensation, claiming that the motorcyclist had part of the cause of the accident.

It takes an experienced attorney to deal with these type of cases, because they have to argue with the insurance company to get the right compensation to cover all the injuries.