When Should you Hire a Serious Injury Lawyer?

Deciding whether you need a car accident lawyer or you can handle the case on your own is one of the major crossroads for most people. Either way, all insurance companies work with some of the top lawyers to keep them from paying you a higher value.

To help you decide if you need a serious injury lawyer, this article lists the ideal moments when you need one.

They include:

  1. A Case Involving Several Parties

A case involving several people can be a little hectic to follow up on. In most cases, you can’t keep in touch with all the parties. The paperwork and other evidence tasks are even higher when several people are involved.

A serious injury lawyer comes with the experience and resources to deal with all the parties involved. They also have the skills to draft different lawsuits that fit each claim. This ensures you get the right value of compensation from all the insurance companies.

  1. When the Insurance Company Denies your Claim

Did you take up your case by yourself, and the insurance has denied your claim or is frustrating you? This is the time to find a serious injury lawyer. In most cases, an insurance company works with experienced lawyers who will use any loopholes to deny your legitimate claim. You are also likely to miss some small details which work to their advantage.

When working alone, the insurance company can frustrate you as you don’t have enough resources to follow up on the case further. An injury lawyer, on the other hand, comes with the knowledge of evidence collection and presentation. They also have the experience of dealing with different insurance companies hence knows how to approach each.

  1. Serious Injury or Disability

Serious injuries come with lifelong suffering, costly expenses, and limited enjoyment. The only way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve is by working with an injury lawyer. With the injury lawyer, you can determine all the damages you qualify for and their worth.

Having worked on similar cases before, the lawyer understands how much you lose from serious injuries.

  1. In Case of a Contested Fault

While in most cases, the driver at fault is always clear, some are contested. With nobody accepting responsibility, the other driver’s insurance company is likely to push you into accepting blame. Once you agree to a fault, you are responsible for all the expenses and other losses from the accident. To keep you safe, consult an injury lawyer who understands error. The serious injury lawyer is an experienced evidence collector to help determine fault.

In case you are at fault, without a lawyer, the insurance will deny you any compensation. The law provides that you qualify for compensation even when you are at fault for up to 50%. The amount of payment reduces by the percentage you are to blame for.


Filing a claim by yourself can seem the easy way out, but it comes with considerable risks. To ensure you and your family don’t miss a livelihood due to a car accident, work with an experienced serious injury lawyer.