4 Reasons To Use a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve recently experienced an accident or injury, you know that dealing with the aftermath can be difficult. Perhaps you missed work, or you are unsure if your insurance settlement is a fair one. You might be tempted to look up online anything you might need to know in an attempt to save money, but you could actually be causing yourself to lose money in the long run. Hiring a personal attorney can be helpful for a variety of reasons.

  1. They Know the Law

If you try to deal with insurance adjusters by yourself, you could be putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Claims adjusters are taught to offer limited compensation or even outright deny your claim altogether. A lawyer knows the tactics the adjuster is using and can easily counteract them. They won’t be manipulated into accepting a smaller amount than you deserve.

  1. They Can Handle Everything

After you get hurt, your sole focus should be on getting better. If you try to take on your personal injury case by yourself, you won’t be in the mental headspace necessary to remember all of the details that need to be dealt with. Personal injury claims can be complicated and often require a strong amount of evidence. A personal injury law Firm Hillsborough County has many employees that can help gather the necessary information and evidence for your case. Allowing them to handle the nitty-gritty will allow you to lay back and take the time your body needs to completely heal.

  1. They Prevent Errors

One of the quickest ways to ruin a lawsuit is to file something late. Missing a deadline by even one day could cause a judge to throw your case out. Lawyers know this and have special calendars that help them know the deadlines for each filing. Additionally, they have access to electronic filing systems, so they don’t have to stand in line at the courthouse, waiting to file the documents. Additionally, lawyers know what to say and when to say it. If you didn’t have legal counsel, you could be talking to an insurance adjuster or attorney for the other side and say something that gets used against you.

  1. They Will Get You What You Deserve

If you receive an offer of a big settlement from an insurance company, you could be easily swayed by the large number. However, is that really what you are entitled to? An attorney would know. They will know that you’re allowed more than just your immediate medical expenses when considering compensation amounts. You could also potentially be reimbursed for lost time at work, pain and suffering, and even loss of consortium if it applies to your case.