VVM Attorney's Social and Environmental Development

VVM Attorney’s Social and Environmental Development

“We truly live in the Environmental Age,” Leonardo di Caprio said in the documentary film “The 11th Hour”. Or, as the film tried to portray, we live or we die with a planet that is at the brink of collapse because of human neglect and abuse. VVM recognizes this fact and accepts the responsibility of doing its part in the global task of preserving and renewing our vital natural, human and material resources.

Hence, VVM Attorneys realizes its role in supporting and educating its people and others concerned regarding various social and environmental issues. It is fully committed, as a company, to do its part in reducing the company’s carbon footprint, protecting the environment and supporting all initiatives to maintain ecological balance on Planet Earth and all its living inhabitants and its various habitats. VVM’s focuses on the empowerment of formerly underprivileged communities and, in particular, previously deprived attorneys. Through expertise and technology, these groups are enabled to conduct work which they would not otherwise have been able to perform without assistance. As a result, they attain new skills and have access to updated Information Technology. Indeed, in a small or great way, any individual or any company can make a difference in how we can all work together to make our world better than when we found it and to improve our lives even more. Company Overview VVM started operations in 1990 and 22 years later VVM is a specialist Debt Recovery and Revenue Management operation that developed a specialised Business Process Outsourcing Service. VVM ascribes its operations excellence to its long track record of experience and knowledge, consistently meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations, consistent investment in cutting edge and best breed technologies, its intellectual capital and consistent adherence to corporate governance and best practices.

VVM aims to be the first choice Revenue Management and Business Process Outsource partner for all enterprises and organisations in both the private and public sectors. VVM is a Quality Solution Provider with a significant contribution to make in business, commerce, government and the professions. The products and services provided address many of the strategic and operational needs of all economic enterprises. VVM concentrates on building long-term relationships through identifying, understanding and consistently satisfying its clients’ needs.