How Can an Asylum Attorney Help You?

The majority of people tend to deliberate if there is any need to hire an asylum lawyer when filing for asylum. Regardless of the asylum being transparent, there are dire consequences when you undertake the process incorrectly. It is vital to have the know-how of the services an asylum lawyer can offer you. Four important things are required to be completed when you file for asylum. To complete the process successfully, you have to:

Fill in an I-589 application form

The asylum lawyer can help in various ways during the stages of the asylum application. For instance, in completing the I-589 form, the asylum attorney knows what is required to be filled in every space provided in the form. Some basic knowledge is significant, like having your last name typed in CAP. The lawyer helps to identify matters in your case by assisting you in completing the form.

The questions in the form are precise and address the statutory guidelines established by the federal and congress agencies. Answering the questions incorrectly may lead to denial of your case. You must be keen when filling in the form: your asylum attorney can offer a level of experience that promotes peace of mind.

Write a brief description or story about yourself

Hiring a lawyer in filing for asylum promotes the adoption of the right approach to give the matter maximum impact. Lawyers understand how to highlight essential facts and reduce the effect of risky facts. The asylum attorney is an expert at helping you emphasize any important issue. In the scenario that there is a fact that could be harmful in your case, the lawyers know the best ways to ensure there is diminished impact by incorporating relevant surrounding issues to avoid portraying a negative matter.

Collect evidence (both primary and secondary) for your case

After writing down your story, the asylum attorney will also assist you in gathering evidence to be used in your case. The lawyer will guide you in identifying the relevant bank statements, images, Facebook posts, letters, notes, and affidavits. The lawyer will tell you how to separate the documents and photos that add value to your asylum case and the ones that do not add value.

Do a thorough and complete analysis of human rights and the region’s status

The asylum lawyer will research the comprehensive reports on human rights and the country’s condition that are directly linked to your case. The human rights reports must have more than general information to help you complete your asylum application process. For this reason, you should consider hiring experts and experienced immigration law specialists: such asylum lawyers will write a report based on the crucial quotes in relation to your case under one document that is simple for the asylum officer to understand. The asylum attorney, in general, improves your chances of getting asylum.

Tips to assist you in hiring a good asylum lawyer

The immigration process is overwhelming as a result of the many documents involved. As much as the process looks easy, you must know how to complete the paperwork as required. An asylum lawyer will come in handy when it comes to the paperwork. Below are some things to look out for when hiring an asylum attorney:

  • Exclusive specialization in practicing immigration law
  • Fast response to immigration-related issues
  • Listing of the immigration fees publicly

The asylum process entails submitting the needed paperwork or documents. You must also find out if there is any additional action required on the documents like attachment of verifications and attestations. This being just one of the steps in the documentation process, you need to fill in immigration paperwork: the information should be as per your credentials and verifiable. An asylum lawyer ensures that the paperwork is done as required.