What to do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

You have left your car in a parking deck, a driveway, or in a designated spot on the street. Wherever you parked your car, you thought it would be safe and unlikely to get damaged. However, the next time you go to drive your vehicle, you find you are a victim of a parked car accident.

Steps to Follow When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

You rely on your car for so many things. If someone hits your parked car, there are a few basic steps you need to follow to get your automobile quickly back on the road.

Collect Information From the Other Driver

If the driver has stayed at the scene or left their contact information, there are a few bits of information that are important to collect.

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Address
  4. What happened
  5. Insurance company

Look For Witnesses

If the incident happened within a few minutes of you discovering it, there may be people around that saw it happened. If no one is around and the driver at fault has left the scene, check to see if there are any cameras that could have captured the accident.

Note: While camera footage is useful in getting an idea of what happened, the footage is often grainy and not reliable always source for a license plate.

Get Pictures

Regardless of whether you are working with someone that has taken accountability for their actions or dealing with a hit-and-run accident, taking photos is a must. You need to record the extent of the damage for any insurance claims and police reports.

Call the Police

If the damage is small, you may be tempted to not get the police involved. However, many times the police can help in getting surveillance camera video and providing statements to the insurance company. Also, many states require you to report any accidents, including those involving parked cars.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Again, if the damage is small or undetectable, you may not think it is necessary to file a claim with your insurance company. Before you agree to settle without involving the insurance companies, you should take your car to a mechanic and get a professional opinion of the full extent of the damage. There may be more damage done to your vehicle than you can suspect.

If the driver at fault cannot pay or refuses to pay, an insurance company will make sure your car is repaired and get you back on the road.

Also, if you were in your car when it was hit, you may have injuries that are not immediately apparent. Depending on the type of insurance, your company should cover medical expenses down the road should you need it.

Consider Talking to a Lawyer

In most cases, the driver of the moving car is at fault. If the damage is extensive, or you have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, or both, a lawyer can help you negotiate all the ins and outs of the law and insurance policies. If you are involved in a parked car accident, a law firm can help make sure you are protected and help get the financial compensation you need to cover any repair or medical costs.


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