The Importance of Expressing Personality in Law: Featuring John Branca Attorney

Becoming a lawyer is about more than law school and fact-finding missions. A successful lawyer is able to make connections with their clients and do so while managing the other necessary tasks they need to tackle. Professionals like John Branca attorney know the importance of this and are able to convey their personality through their work. If you are still not totally convinced, here are some of the reasons personality is key to a great law practice.

It Increases Confidence

Not only does expressing your personality as a lawyer increase your self-confidence, but it also helps clients be more at ease with the legal process. As a result, communication will go more smoothly, and you will run into fewer problems. Good communication is a crucial element to trust between you and your client, and being personable is a substantial first step in creating a warm and comfortable environment.

It Helps Your Business

If clients have fond memories of working with you, they are much more likely to recommend you when a friend or colleague needs legal support. Expressing your personality in your practice also helps make you more easily identifiable, building your brand at the same time that you build relationships. Expressing personality online through social media and advertisements can be great, but the personal touch of making real-time connections is a skill there is no substitute for.

It Aids Understanding With Your Client

In the clip below, John Branca attorney talks to students at Harvard about how he was able to use his knowledge of music to make a connection with his music clients. Doing this helps you understand your practice and clients more deeply so you may navigate what legal decisions will best suit your clients’ individual needs. This is not only applicable in entertainment law but in any type of law that you may practice.

John Branca – Harvard Interview – “Creating a Connection” from John Branca on Vimeo.

It Helps You Persevere

Excellent communication and connection make it easier to persevere when difficulties arise. Perseverance and endurance are of the utmost importance when practicing law. You will have to navigate long hours, unexpected changes, disappointments, and other challenges with each case. Having a solid character and expressing it make all of this a little bit easier.

Personality and being personable in your law practice are essential for your success. By keeping some of the points above in mind, you can keep yourself on track when pursuing new cases and legal work. Consider taking a personality evaluation to assess your strengths and weaknesses moving forward.