The Expenses You Should Expect Throughout the Divorce Process

We can all agree that marriage is a much more affordable solution than divorce, especially since you will be able to marry in a matter of days, while the divorce process can last for months.

Therefore, expenses tend to vary depending on the outcome, circumstances, context, and other factors. The best way to understand everything about the process is by clicking here for added info.

We cannot provide you a straightforward answer when it comes to the expenses because it depends on factors such as whether you and partner agree on particular issues, whether you will use the attorney services, and many more.

Of course, you can choose the least expensive option as well, which is an essential consideration. However, let us start from the beginning.

Expenses to Expect

Even though the average divorce is a relative term because each process is different and unique. Therefore, numerous factors can determine whether the expenses will be on the spectrum’s low or high end. Some factors that will affect the expenses of divorce are:

  • The place you wish to get it
  • Whether you’re using a lawyer
  • Whether you’re doing it yourself
  • Whether you have children
  • Whether you’re using collaborative divorce and mediation
  • Whether you both agree on major issues
  • Whether you should go to trial or not

What If Both Parties Agree

In case both parties agree on all issues in front of them, you will be able to prevent severe expenses. We are talking about uncontested divorce, and if you own papers, the costs can be below five hundred dollars.

Of course, it depends on the state you are in because you should consider filing fees.

Divorce Expenses with a Lawyer

When it comes to handling divorce with a lawyer’s service, you should know that the process could cost between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Some of them may charge by the hours, while the fees depend on the area you live in.

For instance, if you wish to do it in New York City, you should pay more than in Tulsa, which is an important consideration you should understand. That is the main reason why you should consider getting cheap divorce papers Tulsa to reduce the hassle and expenses along the way.

At the same time, you will reduce the expenses even if you hire an attorney, primarily if you use their services only for a portion of a case. Remember that you will get unbundled legal services when you ask for advice for your process’s specific aspect.

Apart from that, you should learn about limited scope representation, which means that you should decide about the part of divorce you wish for a lawyer to handle it.

Attorneys will charge for writing and reviewing text messages and emails, phone calls, preparing for discovery and depositions, preparing for the court, legal research, and reviewing papers, among other things.

If you wish to find a lawyer that will help you with reviewing documents, you will reduce the expenses in the long run. You can also talk with an attorney to pay only for particular services.

For instance, you can ask him/her to help you prepare and review the papers without emails and phone calls. Of course, the expenses will go up if you have a trial or hearing, which you need to understand.

Sometimes, you will need to hire expert witnesses, which are also expensive. That is the main reason why most divorces end up settling because trials can lead to bankruptcy.

At the same time, the expenses will increase if you have children because visitation, custody, and child support are also issues that you need to resolve to finish the process.

Divorce Expenses without a Lawyer

If you wish to save money on the overall process, you can do it without an attorney’s assistance. In numerous states, you will be able to file everything by yourself without legal advice.

In case both sides can reach an agreement, the process will be uncontested, and you will be able to save money in the long run. The expenses will feature serving the papers, filing fees as well as the costs of divorce papers.

You can also find numerous online companies that will help you prepare the divorce papers, which is an important consideration.

Collaborative Divorce or Mediation Expenses

We have mentioned above that the average cost of divorce is much less significant unless you go to a trial, in which you need to resolve issues by using a third party, which is neutral.

On the other hand, mediation can cost between a few hundred dollars to ten thousand and even more depending on whom you wish to involve in the process.

Generally, collaborative processes are much more affordable until you reach the trial.

The main reason for that is that collaborative divorce requires that each party gets a respectable attorney, and you will sit in the office for a few meetings and create a settlement that will work for both sides.

Of course, you should pay for a lawyer, but if the meeting results in an agreement, you will be able to prevent additional costs that come with trial and going to court.

Legal Separation Expenses

Legal separation is one of the most expensive options that you can choose, which is why you should talk with your attorney to determine whether you should do it or not.

At the same time, it depends on the state you reside in, which is another important consideration that you should research beforehand.

How to Divorce Without Money


In case you are in a challenging financial situation, you will be able to handle the overall process without paying anything. We have mentioned above the options you will get when finding the most affordable option.

However, generally, divorces are expensive. Even if you wish to avoid using attorney’s services and represent yourself, going on the court will take at least a few hundred dollars.

As soon as you enter this website: you will learn how to deal with the financial impacts of separation.

You may ask yourself whether you can deal with the separation without having money, which is a possible solution, especially if you are in a difficult financial situation.

  • Divorce Forms – The first step to get your fees waived is to get relevant forms. You can find them online, which will allow you to write and file them. You can go to a courthouse and get the forms from clerks.
  • Financial Proof – If you wish to waive your fees, you need to prove to the court that you are poor or disadvantaged. We are talking about bringing proof of your income from all sources, assets, and debts. You should also bring tax returns.