The Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

There are two highly-common causes of car accidents on the roads; namely speeding and disrespecting the traffic signs. Speeding has caused so many accidents and deaths for many drivers and in many cases; it is speeding by the other motorists involved.  More accidents occur daily in urban areas, or in or around residential areas than on highways. Accidents in these areas occur not only between two cars, but also in the form of pedestrian collisions, motorcycle accidents, accidents by Uber drivers, and accidents while in public transport, an accident on board a train, or a public bus.

Hitting Pedestrians

One of the most common accidents in urban areas and cities is the hitting of pedestrians or cyclists. Inattention and disregarding traffic signs are the most prevalent aspects that cause accidents. Accidents happen daily that end up being fatal due to the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim. Unfortunately, pedestrian collision victims often end up with some form of disability as a result of the injuries sustained. In these cases, it is essential to go to a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law; specifically in helping the victim get deservedly good compensation covering all medical expenses and future expenses. Some of these future expenses could include pain and suffering, loss of wages, and the inability of not being able to lead a normal life after the accident.

Serious Injuries

There are many seriously injured or disabled victims of motorcycle accidents. In locations where the climate is very hot, the motorcycle is a very popular means of transportation. The comfort of being able to find parking more easily and not having to endure traffic jams comes at a very high price when a motorcycle accident occurs. As in a hit-and-run accident, in a motorcycle accident, when a car collides with a motorcycle, the victim’s body is the one that receives the most impact, causing the most serious injuries.

Mechanical Failures

Another cause of accidents on the roadways may not be so common, but it happens and that is mechanical failures.  Most of these types of accidents happen because the car or motorcycle suffers a mechanical problem such as brake failure or something that causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle. There are also accidents due to punctured wheels or wheels in poor condition or worn.

When There Is Negligence

Within this same category of mechanical failure accidents, the driver may exit the vehicle and in trying to cross the street get hit by a car that lost the use of its brakes. It is very important for everyone to follow the traffic regulations and to signal adequately to drivers that your car is stopped so that they slow down and drive with caution.  If you are injured as a result of a car accident, or any of the accident examples mentioned above, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This is because of your injuries and the damages in the accident were caused by someone else’s negligence. Chudleigh Law Firm is one of the companies that provide legal representation.

At Fault Negligence

In certain states, if you have been injured in an accident while driving, you have the right to claim and sue the person who negligently caused the accident with the intention of receiving compensation for your damages and injuries. If you are not at fault and the accident occurred in such a state, you have to follow the laws governing ‘at fault negligence.’ This means that the person injured, which is you have to prove that the other party in the accident is liable so you can recover monetary compensation.