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Property disputes that are not resolvable by peaceful means can be settled in court. For the successful resolution of the case, an impeccable knowledge of the law in the field of property legal relations is necessary.

About property disputes

Everything that surrounds you is property that belongs to someone: a neighbor, city, organization, state.

Property disputes are divided into several types:

  • Disputes over non-fulfillment of contracts and obligations. An example is a loan and non-repayment of money.
  • Disputes about harm. This category includes cases involving damage to property. For example, a car was damaged by a tree falling on it.
  • Disputes related to violation of property rights. The property can be destroyed, illegally confiscated, complicate, or exclude the possibility to use it.

The subject of a property dispute can be:

  • Section of movable and immovable property;
  • Recognition of ownership of property;
  • Receiving an inheritance;
  • Property privatization issues;
  • Compensation for damage or destruction of property of the copyright holder;
  • Return of debts and performance of debt obligations of a property nature;
  • Other controversial situations concerning property legal relations.

Having extensive experience in representing the interests of citizens in various situations in property matters, here are several tips:

  • If you are in doubt, entering into a legal relationship, abandon the intended transaction, or take a break to collect information and consult with a specialist;
  • Conduct negotiations on property matters in writing;
  • Do not listen to the advice of strangers, rely only on the data provided by experts.

How a property lawyer can help you:

  • Preparation of a pre-trial claim (in some cases, the law prescribes this to the proxy);
  • Participation of a lawyer in negotiations on property transactions (the ability to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial way);
  • Drawing up a statement of claim;
  • Writing a review, or an objection to a claim;
  • Representing the client’s interests in court, or other government agencies;
  • Appeal against a court decision;
  • Participation of a lawyer in enforcement proceedings.

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