Pandemic May Be Reason For More DWI Cases in the Nation

After the first few months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, people in the United States realized that life as they once knew it was changing.  The nation began to shut down everything from schools to various jobs.  Frustration among Americans was growing rapidly as they were given instructions and mandates on living.  Being stuck inside the home gave way to the new and old desire for alcohol to be boldly manifested.  The Driving While Intoxicated laws were tested by many across the nation.  Law Enforcement officers were issuing double the amount of DWI tickets to drivers of all ages.  This gave rise to an increased need for bail bondsmen in every state.  DWI bail bonds account for more than half of the cases that bondsmen receive.

There is no current data to support the increase in DWI cases, but an increase in vehicular deaths shows that most of the drivers who caused the accident were intoxicated, or had been drinking.  This is being referred to as Pandemic behavior by some law enforcement officers, who are seeing a steady increase in alcohol-related driving violations.  It is not only happening in large cities, but in small cities and towns as well.  DWI bail bonds can range from a minimal amount up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and from minor to major incidences like causing an accident resulting in the death of one or more persons.

Most accidents occur within one to two miles of a victim’s home.  The drinker often has drinks at home, then remembers they have to go out for something.  They do not think they are intoxicated enough to stay away from behind the wheel.  It is usually this person who gets involved in a vehicular accident that could cause death just a short distance from their home.  Patrol officers are speaking out across the nation about how DWOs are not just a holiday trend.  People who drink like to drive fast.  A state trooper in one area stated that excessive speeding was the biggest thing that they had seen.

No one knows how much DWI bail bonds have been recorded across the nation, but the revenue from them has to be plentiful.  All cases are documented through the courts.  If you find yourself, or a loved one, in this situation where you are in need of a bail bondsman, you will be given information about several in your area.  You do not have to sit in jail for a long period of time when you can get a bondsman to help get you released as soon as possible.  The rate is typically a flat one based on the bond amount, but can also be dependent on whether, or not, you have any prior arrests.  The pandemic is being blamed for the many challenges and changes that are continuing to take place in the lives of Americans.  Driving While Intoxicated is an upward trend that even the bail bondsmen will say must start to be on the decline.