Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Dog Bite Representation

Have you ever been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal and injured? If so, be sure to continue reading. It will surely help you when making a decision regarding a possible claim for personal injury or physical injury. In many cases, you will need a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the legal maneuvering. If you have been attacked by an animal or suffering a dog bite, the responsibility will usually lie with the animal owner.

Getting Legal Help

If you suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite, it is advised that you to have a professional who will give you the appropriate tips. You will get help with filing a claim not only for the injuries but also the medical expenses derived from the bite or attack of the dog. In all cases, the breed of the dog could dictate the amount of the court settlement. Some breeds of dogs are considered potentially dangerous and the obligations of their owners, the infractions and penalties they may incur for not complying with the provisions of the different laws regulating them.

Serious Infractions

The following will be considered serious infractions of the pet owner in the event that you were bitten by the dog:

  • Not putting a potentially dangerous animal on a leash or not having taken the necessary measures to prevent its escape
  • The possession of a potentially dangerous animal without identification or without being registered in the Municipal Registry
  • Keeping the dog in public places without a muzzle or regulatory chain

Very serious infractions are considered:

  • The possession of potentially dangerous animals without the appropriate license
  • Selling the same dog to someone who does not have the right licensing
  • Train animals to activate their aggressiveness or for prohibited purposes
  • Placing your dog in exhibitions, exercises, or competitions as it relates to dogfighting so as to demonstrate the aggressiveness of the animal

The commission of any of these infractions classified as serious or very serious will involve the corresponding economic sanction, which may be accompanied, as an accessory sanction, among others, the confiscation, sterilization or death of potentially dangerous animals, and/or the temporary or permanent suspension of the dog owner’s license.

Scope of Injuries

To determine the scope of injuries, there are several parameters that can be applied depending on the specific case and its circumstances, as there is no specific regulation that requires one or the other. These include:

  • Assessment of the damage as it relates to medical negligence based on quantification of damages.
  • Psychological effect or trauma associated with a dog attack

The issue of including non-pecuniary damage in said assessment is a matter that has been resolved by the court system in the sense of excluding the specific claim of non-pecuniary damage when the so-called “scale” is applied as a criterion for assessing the damage.


If you have been bitten by a dog or you are a dog owner with the responsibility of making sure that you keep your pet restrained, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer if you have been a victim. Most attorneys will want to know how the incident occurred to be able to advise you accordingly. So, make sure you find good legal representation.


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