About EB-5 Investor Visas

Foreign direct investments into the US economy benefit the country and its citizens and residents. Therefore, those who seek to invest in the economy are offered investor visas through the EB-5 visa program if they meet specific investment minimums and produce job opportunities for US citizens. Searching “investor visas Houston TX” may provide greater insight into this program, but this is a general overview.

EB-5 Visas

In 1990, the US Congress voted to allow permanent residency to foreign individuals who invest in the US economy. Today, these individuals are required to invest at least $900,000 in areas where unemployment is high and $1.8 million in areas where the unemployment level is low. Investors may pursue direct investment through creating their own businesses or investment projects, or they may pursue indirect investments through EB-5 Centers.


Within 2 years, each EB-5 visa holder’s investment must produce at least 10 permanent full-time jobs for US citizens or qualified residents. Although these investors and their families may work for the companies they create, their jobs do not count toward the 10-job requirement.

The investment must be in a for-profit business or project. You cannot just purchase land with the expectation of selling it later at an appreciated value. Investment growth may not be your primary purpose or focus, but you need to make sure your investment is solid and does produce a return to meet the minimum employment and other visa requirements.

EB-5 center investments have looser investment and employment requirements. Although your risk is reduced, you have little to no control over the investment project.


Through this visa program, investors and their families receive lawful conditional permanent residency status, then unconditional permanent residency status. These families receive green cards, so they are able to work and travel throughout the US. These individuals may pursue citizenship if they maintain their green card and residency status for a period of at least 2 years.

Qualified family members include spouses and children under the age of 21. Passports, medical records, civil and financial documents and photographs are required for everyone seeking a visa. The investors and their families may also be subject to interviews.

If you seek US residency and work authorization, consider investing in the US economy. However, learn about both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of investor visa prior to investing and applying for residency.