A variety of severe injuries might result from a slip and fall event, and a shattered bone or laceration are two examples of how a fall can manifest its repercussions. However, in other situations, the initial impacts could be mild but eventually give way to long-term issues.

Not all falls, trips or slips necessitate legal counsel. Suppose hazardous conditions brought on the slip-and-fall incident on a property, and you are dealing with long-term or permanent damage. In that case, you should get legal counsel as quickly as possible.

There are many advantages to hiring legal counsel following a slip and fall incident. They include:

Determining what caused the slip and fall incident

The reason for a fall isn’t usually apparent right away. Although you might be able to spot a hazardous situation, you still need to show that the property owner’s negligence initially made it dangerous.

The easiest approach to discovering what caused the slip and fall accident is to hire a lawyer. Numerous dangers can harm people on private, public, and commercial properties, such as:

  • Wet surfaces that don’t necessarily look slick
  • Variations in the flooring’s slope
  • Damaged carpet
  • Flooring flaws or fissures
  • Irregular stair surfaces

In addition to figuring out what led to your fall, your slip and fall accident attorney can look into who is to blame.

Liability determination for the slip and fall

It’s sometimes unclear who is responsible when someone falls and is hurt. Whoever was in charge at the time of the accident must be identified.

Think about a store that leases space in a mall for business purposes. Customers will probably hold the business (not the mall owner) responsible for their injuries if they slip and fall in a store because staff failed to clean up a spill.

A slip-and-fall attorney can sort through complex liability problems while you concentrate on healing.

Assessing the damages in your slip and fall claim

Slip and fall accident victims may be eligible for large settlements for their harm and losses. However, it is challenging for you to precisely estimate all of the losses in your case on your own.

In addition to your current losses (such as medical expenses and missed income), an experienced lawyer will carefully estimate the costs you will likely incur for continuous medical care, therapy, and the incapacity to work.

A slip-and-fall attorney can also determine the monetary worth of non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

Negotiating on your behalf with the insurance company

Homeowners, renters, and commercial liability insurance cover slip and fall incidents. As a result, you will have to fight an insurance carrier in most slip-and-fall claims.

The insurance company’s interests are in direct conflict with yours. The insurance provider wants to pay you as little as possible but you need a settlement sum that covers your losses.

When you have a lawyer fighting for your interests, insurers and defendants are more likely to treat your claim seriously. Frequently, retaining an experienced attorney will result in a greater settlement.