What it’s Like When a Family Law Attorney Brings Holistic Values to Divorce

Divorce or separation is difficult enough for those involved. When a family law case like this stretches on for months, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster when multiple complaints and motions are being filed. Many people are looking to get through the separation or divorce processes in less painful ways.

Suppose it were possible to work through a divorce or separation with support, healthy communication, and gentleness where possible. In that environment, there is a higher chance that all involved will have less grief, potentially less trauma, and an easier transition to life afterward. What would it look like if a family law firm could bring holistic and healthy communication and support into these legal processes?

Conscious Goal of Not Increasing Adversarial Methods

Approaching a family law situation with these new methods decreases the desire to increase conflict within the divorce or separation process. In traditional law practice, it’s typical for attorneys to butt heads in very polite but firm ways. When litigators are extremely busy, a client can get caught up in what’s being alleged in pleadings, complaints, requests in motions, and with the attorneys demanding even more of their clients to “respond to the allegations” quickly. Alternately, if legal professionals guide their entire practice stemming from an ultimate goal of not driving up conflict, then these interactions are reframed positively and constructively.

People Can Get Honest with Themselves and With Each Other

Providing structured rules about what types of communication are allowed between the firm and the client and between opposing parties provides a safer way for clients to become extremely honest with themselves and the opposing party. They can state their needs and wants without blame to the other individuals. This type of communication allows for faster resolutions during mediation or paperwork processing.

Ownership & Emotions are Expressed in a Safe and Structured Way

When a law firm can guide a client to own and express their emotions healthily, this provides for calmer interactions and communications from the client to the lawyer and from lawyer to opposing counsel. It models a higher expectation of all while respecting the formality and good the court does provide for high-conflict situations.

Reduced Time for Negotiations and Court Procedures

The entirety of how communication flows allow for streamlined interactions for everyone involved. People can get to the root of what they want and need, and solutions can be worked out much more quickly. Faster solutions ahead of time allow judges to process hearings faster, and clients spend less time in potentially scary and uncomfortable settings.

Potential Trauma is Reduced

With a structured method of healthy communication as a requirement for interacting with clients, legal staff, and opposing parties, there is less chance for damaging exchanges of words, false accusations, and harmful threats to take place. Cumulatively, this all means that less emotional damage and trauma can exist.


Combining healthier communication methods, supportive guidance, and current legal remedies would allow for a more peaceful resolution of a case and increase individuals’ chances to feel heard, understood, and respected. Today, more law firms are adopting these newer methods of approach. If you need a family law attorney to work on your case, be sure to look for someone who has experience with holistic values to make the process as healing as possible.