How To Deal With Parental Alienation?

Dealing with parental alienation is difficult. It can be painful when your children consider you as a bad parent and it is you hurting badly and, what can be more painful than that your own flesh starts hating you and not declaring to accept you as a parent. Divorce was a difficult adjustment; you had never assumed that divorce would bring distance among your children. If this situation arises, remember that children’s anger is temporary, they might feel disturbed and stressed and cannot cope up with this situation.

How To Counteract With Parental Alienation?

  • Maintain a loving and positive attitude with your child.
  • Make your child feel safe and secure.
  • Handle your child’s negative attitude with positivity.
  • Show empathy towards your child.
  • Understand your child’s behavior towards you.
  • Don’t show any pressure and anger to your child.
  • Talk with other parents about your child’s behavior.
  • If this alienation continues, take part in parenting classes or parenting therapies or go to court.

How To Reconnect With Your Child – Overcoming Parental Alienation

  • Listen To Your Child

The counter to parental alienation is listening to your child in a relaxed mode without any emotional reaction, comments, and judgment. Give them space and time with no pressure and punishment. Bear what your child is saying with empathy as this can work for effective alienation.

  • Be Patient With Your Child

As an adult, try to be patient with your child by showing them love and affection, express your feelings, and don’t talk badly about another parent. If your child feels angry with you, deal with them with love and compassion. Patience with your child might make a huge improvement. Support and love them unconditionally until they return to you.

  • Develop Resources And Create A Plan

Being caught up in the battle of parental alienation and dealing with it is not easy, you will need resources to overcome the difficult situations; some of the resources include legal experts, self-care strategies, a good counselor, and strength. Discuss with your friend or present family member. Good counseling will help you to handle your child in the best way. Make a plan with your legal aid to address the issue made against you, gather some proof to counter your claims and involve your trusted friends with you and arrange a witness in your legal battle.

  • Encourage Your Child To Speak To You Directly

Encourage your child to come to you without hesitating if they have any questions regarding you or they have heard something about you or something that worries them to speak. All children must be taught to speak to their parents directly instead of listening to one side of the story. Your child might hate you, but they have the opportunity to hear your story too, as this might change the mind of your child towards you.


When such a situation occurs, your child considers you as the worst parent. In such situations equal shared parenting is the best option to change negative thinking of children towards one parent, and both parents have equal time to spend with their child and your child feels secure.