3 Bail Bonds Scams to Watch Out For

You or a loved one getting arrested is something that is typically not planned for, but falling prey to a dishonest bondsman can make the process much more challenging and stressful. Here are 3 of the most common bail bonds scams to watch out for.

A Cold Call

It is easy to become panicked if you receive a call from a bail bondsman claiming that a loved one needs help- but not all of these calls are legitimate. A random call from someone stating that your friend has been arrested should raise some red flags. Before you hand over the requested money, do some research to ensure that your friend or family member truly has been arrested. Only after you have researched thoroughly should you begin to get funds together to secure a bail bond.

No Contract

A reputable bondsman should have a contract that protects both parties- not just himself. If your bondsman does not want to commit anything to paper and does not want you to sign off on anything, you should procure your Wayne County bail bonds from a different source.

Payment Over the Phone

Payments for bail bonds are best done in person, where you can witness the money going directly to the bondsman and can ensure that it is going to pay for your friend or family member in need. Though safeguards are in place to deter transaction fraud and advancements in technology allow security to constantly become more robust, it is still a good idea to handle any handover of funds face-to-face.

Bail bond scams can be tough to spot, and even tougher to recognize when you are facing a crisis. Keep these common problems in mind if you need to acquire a bail bond and you will have no trouble securing the money that you need.